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First, thanks a lot for this great port which allowed me to discover this cool game that I totally missed back in the days. If you set up a donation pot, I'll be sure to give a little something as a token of my gratitude.

Also (game spoilers ahead), I'm not sure, but I suspect there might be an unintentional difference between the original game and this port. From what I read (in a comment on YouTube video a5ZxR18j3WM), the monitor that is hidden in the secret room next to the elevator is supposed to be breakable after a while, but no matter how many times I hit it (by ensuring the block bounced back infinitely on top of it), it never broke. Am I missing something, or is that an oversight?

Thanks again

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There's a missing flashing cube in one room - see screenshot. Also wondering if there are plans to implement throwing cubes diagonally? It might just be my emulator but it seems he can only throw cubes up/down/forward. Diagonal cube-throwing was part of a 2013 update to the PC game.

Sure enough, just entirely forgot that cube. Thanks.

As for the diagonal throwing, I played the original to death and the 2013 update felt odd to me with the diagonal tossing (and half-adjusted speed for 60fps) so I didn't really use it as a basis at all. If there's a lot of demand for it I could add it, it isn't a tremendous difficulty from a technical perspective.


Finished the Game by 100%!

Found a mistake in your game. When getting the Phantom Cube 3 upgrade you should see this screen. Instead it just says the first one Phantom Cube creation halved. Here's a picture from the original game.


Thank you! I was sure people would find little mistakes early on. I'll have to maintain a list of changes for a 1.1 update.


Lyle in Cube Sector is one of my favourite PC games and I'm very happy to see this port project completed! Thank you for your hard work! I've played a small amount so far but it seems very faithful to the original.

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I want to say thank you for finishing this game! You've brought so many smiles to this man. I used to play this game all the time in Highschool. I'm going to let everyone know about all your hard work great job. Also if you're interested in more obscure Handheld Gaming devices please join the RG handheld and Retro Handhelds discords. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here's a picture of Lyle in Cube Sector running on the RG-ARC.

I'm only a few minutes in and I had to stop and let you know how much I love the music in this game.  Incredible work.

I know right! I love the Sega Genesis rearrangements of all the in game music.

I'm so happy this game has finally reached a V1.0 release! I'm going to share this with multiple Retro Gaming communities!

Is this project available?  I don't see a download. If not, is there at least somewhere where your Genesis versions of the soundtracks are located?  I'd love to listen.

Has this project been abandoned because I'd love to see this game brought back on the Sega Genesis.


I've finally finished it enough to call it V1.0 and it can be downloaded.

Thank You sir!!! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘Œ


Has this project been abandoned, or is it still going? It'd be fantastic to see this ported to MD!


Version 1.0 has just been released.

I'm happy to see you here darkfalzx!!!๐Ÿ˜


Can't wait to play this again

How do I download this game?

You can find the original here:


It's so weird to be at a point in life where the Lyle in Cube Sector original page is no longer up :(  

lyle in cube sector was a formative game for me in many ways. I'm super impressed by the attention to detail in your recreation, it's great to see others have been found joy in lyle as well.


Formative for me as well.  And one of the best indie PC games IMO, still holds up.  I also think it looks quite pretty, especially the outdoor areas.  The creator's use of red was very striking.  I wish I could play this remake to see what the soundtrack is like.

Wicked! This means I can stick it on my raspberry pi!